30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

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The Advantages of using KATSANA® Tracking System

✓ Track any powered vehicle in real-time. You can install KATSANA® on cars, motorcycles, buses, lorries, heavy machineries, construction equipments, trailers, and even ferries

✓ Fully web & app-based on the cloud - no software needed to install and maintain

✓ Advanced and powerful features that are user-friendly for everyone to use

✓ Clear, transparent pricing with no contracts, lock-ins or hidden fees

✓ Widest network coverage in Malaysia and South East Asia

✓ Usable on modern computers, smartphones and tablets

✓ Fastest real-time location update in the industry

✓ Longest travel data storage in the industry


✓ Free shipping to any local destination in Malaysia

✓ Pricing includes ONE year SIM card connectivity

✓ Pricing includes ONE year customer support

✓ Pricing includes ONE year device warranty

✓ Free installation at KATSANA HQ