How to buy the best GPS tracker in Malaysia - follow this guide

KATSANA® provides high quality, easy-to-use GPS tracking & fleet management solutions at an affordable price to all.

This guide provides you with step-by-step instruction on:

  1. Selecting tracking hardware that fits your vehicles, and requirement
  2. Purchasing and making an online payment through Interbank transfer, FPX, or credit cards
  3. Installation of the tracking hardware at KATSANA HQ, or at your own workshop
  4. Last but not least, KATSANA® also offers 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the purchase. Read our Guarantee here.

In summary:

1. Selecting The Best Vehicle Tracking Hardware

Every vehicle owner has different needs. KATSANA aims to fulfill such diverse requirements by offering several type of vehicle tracking hardwares. 

Your requirement Flexibility, able to relocate tracking device to any vehicle. Security, able to hide the device within the vehicle and track the vehicle securely Industrial, the tracking hardware is used in a rough environment
Suitable for Any cars manufactured after 1994 Any type of vehicles that has battery such as Sedan, 4x4, Lorries, Trucks, Heavy Machineries Any type of vehicles that has battery and work in rough exposed environment such as Heavy Machineries, Boats, Ferries
Not suitable for

Vehicles that have no OBD port such as Lorries, Trucks, Heavy Machineries

Vehicles manufactured before 1994

- -
Ability to immobilize vehicle engine Not available Yes, upgrade needed. Yes, upgrade needed.
Perfect for

Real-time vehicle tracking.

Flexibility to relocate the hardware into different vehicles.

Real-time vehicle tracking.

Vehicle security (hardware is installed at hidden compartments in the vehicle).

Covert tracking - ability to track the vehicle without exposing the hardware to the driver.

Real-time vehicle tracking.

The tracking hardware may or may not be installed in hidden compartments in the vehicle.

Usage in rough environments (exposure to water, weather elements, grease etc).


Suitable tracking hardware for Consumers

Passenger Cars
K100-GO, K100-GOPLUS

K200, K200-PRO,

Any Vehicles
K400, K400-PRO

Not available for consumers

Suitable tracking hardware for Fleets & Enterprises

Passenger Cars

F200, F200-PRO,

Any Vehicles
F400, F400-PRO
Any vehicles
K600, K600-PRO




Covert GPS Tracker

F400, F400-PRO

Motorcycle GPS tracker

F200, F200-PRO

Ruggedized Tracker

K600, K600-PRO


To compare the features of Basic vs Pro, and Fleet vs FleetPro, please go to FAQs.

2. Purchasing vehicle tracking system

Purchasing a new vehicle tracking system to protect your car is straightforward and simple.

1. Select your preferred product at 

2. If you want to have ability to immobilize a vehicle, select 'Upgrade to Immobilizer'. Take note that this option is not available for OBD-based GPS trackers.

3. Then press Add to Cart button, as shown below.

4. The page will reload and display a list of products available in your shopping cart. Press 'Checkout' button if you want to proceed with payment and shipment detail.

5. Next, you will need to submit the shipment address. KATSANA® will send the product to the address submitted in this page.

6. Once address has been submitted, you can now proceed to Shipping Method. There is no option in this page. Please verify that your address is correct, and now press 'Continue to Payment method' button.

7.  We are almost there. KATSANA® supports payment through FPX (major Malaysian banks) and credit cards listed below:

 8. Press on 'Complete Order' to initiate payment transaction. 

9. You will be greeted with a new page from Select your preferred payment method, either 'Online Banking' or 'Card'.

10. In this example, we are using CIMB Clicks. Select the bank that you wish to use for Online Payment and lastly, press on Pay button.

11. You will be redirected to your bank's online portal to complete the transaction. Once transaction is complete, the browser will be redirected back to KATSANA® Shop.

12. Thats it! The KATSANA® receives the order and will begin shipping within 3 business days. Our team will send an update via email and SMS once the product has been shipped. 

Installation of KATSANA Vehicle Tracker on your vehicle

Once payment is done, our team will call you to confirm on:

  • Installation location.

    Option A - If you prefer to install the tracking device on your own, we will ship the product to your address.  Guideline to install the GPS tracker can be found here: Installing KATSANA® vehicle tracking system on your own.

    Option B - If you opt for free installation at KATSANA HQ (Damansara),  we will schedule a slot for installation. Our location is here: KATSANA Telematics Map.

    Option C - If you wish for installation to be done at your place, we will provide you with a quotation for on-site installation. Payment for on-site installation is to be done before the installation date.